Welcome to Tasmia Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd.

Tasmia Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd. Is one of the fastest growing professionally managed company having interests in cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing. It has touched an outstanding sale in current years.

To be known as a reputed maker/exporter of cosmetics and toiletries products from Bangladesh who will be at the top of our consumer & suppliers. In the markets we serve, SMART brand will be at the top of existing & potential list of companies from which they will choose to do business.

Being obsessed of customer Centricity & their satisfaction is what separates the SMART brand from the rest. Our unbending commitment to quality at every stage is reflected in our transaction, integrity and product consistency. For us dealing with customers is a lot more than customer service. It’s about earning their trust. Trust that’s coming from confidence, quality & commitment.


Tasmia Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd.

Tasmia Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd. That are offering unique cosmetics & toiletry products with a different size to the customer. We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of cosmetics & toiletry items from Bangladesh.
Tasmia Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd. Started with a vision of quality product serving the market with reasonable price.
Our product quality is well accepted in the domestic as well in the international market.tctl


Henna Paste

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Detergent Powder

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Dish Washing

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    বার্ষিক পরিবেশক সেলস্ কনফারেন্স ২০২২

Smart Power Dish Washing Bar

Smart Power Dish Wash Liquid

We are in International Market


1.Smart Synthetic Colour Paste

2.Smart Synthetic Colour Paste Cone

3.Smart Black Gold Synthetic Colour Paste

4.Kashmiri Fast Colour Cone Synthetic Colour Paste

5.Kashmiri Synthetic Colour Paste

6.Nissa Synthetic Colour Paste (Henna Paste)

7.Smart Nail Synthetic Colour Paste

8.Smart Glitter Cone

9.Mr & Mrs Smart Henna Hair Color Cream

10.Green leaf Neem Face Wash (100 gm, 70 gm)

11.Smart Power Dish Washing Bar (300 gm, 100 gm)

12.Smart Power Dishwash Liquid(Lemon Flavor)

13.Smart Power Dishwash Liquid(Orange Flavor)

14.Smart Power Dishwash Liquid(New)

15.Smart Power Dishwash Liquid (Refill)

16.Smart Hand Wash (Fresh Lemon, Fresh Orange, Yellow Rose)

17.Robi Detergent Powder (500 gm, 200 gm)

18.Smart Winter Care Skin Lotion (300 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml)

19.Smart Winter Care

20.Smart Kesh kala

21.Smart Red-Brown Mehendi

22.Smart Super Cool Powder

23.Smart Prickly Heat Powder

24.Smart Beauty Talc Skin Talcum Powder

25.Smart Hair Removal Cream(Rose)

26.Smart Hair Removal Cream (Lemon)

27.Smart Liquid Blue (100 ml, 75 ml, 40 ml)

28.Parisa Synthetic Colour Paste

29.Rangini Synthetic Colour Paste

30.Parisa Henna Hair Color Cream

31.Kitchen Dish Washing Bar (300 gm, 100 gm)

32.Kitchen Dishwash Liquid (Lemon Flavor)

33.Kitchen Dishwash Liquid (Orange Flavor)

34.Kitchen Dishwash Liquid (Refill)

35.Rocket Power White Detergent Powder (500 gm, 200 gm)

36.Parisa Hand Wash (Green Lemon, Yellow Rose, Orange Blossom)

37.Parisa Neem Face Wash

38.Parisa Skin Lotion (200 ml, 100 ml)

39.Tasmia Beauty Pomade

40.Tasmia Navguru Cool oil (100 ml, 50 ml)

41.Parisa Natural Brown

42.Smart Luxury Gold Talcum powder (150 gm, 100 gm)

43.Tasmia Prickly Heat Powder

44.Tasmia Body Cool Powder

45.Tasmia Liquid Blue (100 ml, 75 ml, 40 ml)

46.Smart Classic Shampoo

47.Smart Silky Shine Shampoo

48.Parisa Hair Removal Cream (Lemon)

49.Parisa Hair Removal Cream (Rose)

50.Smart Skin Lotion

51.Smart Petroleum Jelly

52.Parisa Petroleum Jelly